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redMUSIC is a peripatetic music service, delivering fun and engaging music lessons in schools around the South West of England.

redMUSIC offers one-to-one and small group lessons in

Guitar, Bass GuitarKeyboard, Ukulele and Drums. Lessons have been risk assessed and are compliant with the latest COVID-safety guidance.

We provide exciting music lessons which focus on getting hands on with the instrument using popular music, with theory following later. Our coaches have worked with thousands of children in many schools over the last fifteen years, with our methods proving successful in maintaining enthusiasm for the learning journey. 


Rich Hunt and Dan Budd teamed up to launch redMUSIC after working together at FunkyPunk Music, which before the pandemic was a successful music education service and had been for 15 years. Unfortunately 2020 brought many challenges and everything changed.. but, 'rising out of the ashes' (like a fiery phoenix) comes redMUSIC - an all new business comprising everything good about its predecessor but ready to embrace the 'new normal'! 


Whether you're a school or parent, or just someone interested in hearing more about our lessons.. please do get in touch!

Let's take those next steps together..

Rich & Dan

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